Quality from Bavaria

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BSE, MKS, Schweinedoping - - - - is an end in view? 

Since Firmengründung and not from any occasions out, we have always put biggest requests as middle-class business, through personal purchase at our suppliers, and have planned a best-selection. 

Quality-characteristics are for us, also always from whom, legally or on voluntary basis, from associations produced quality-names like for example from ecological -; Biological cultivation or from type - just Aufzucht with natural feed always fostered prerequisites with complete origin-proof of farmers on the spot been. 

All these characteristics are or are never sufficient for us! 

Through the personal purchase of our products, we have the opportunity of all articles again to meet a best-selection after view-examination. 
After neuersten scientific realizations and human discretion, we can with quiet consciences, the customer and guests against over that best - possible on the plate offers and serves. 

Bayernschmankerl - Schlegl 

Quality from Bavaria 
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